Gloves charcoal
Gloves charcoal

Gloves charcoal

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There are mass-produced goods elsewhere. We love individuality. And that's why the leather gloves made of cozy lambskin are also real rarities. Sometimes dark brown with petrol-colored stitching, sometimes lemon yellow, combined with bright pink. Depending on your mood. And the offer from the supplier of Tief im Wald. The gloves are manufactured exclusively from high-quality leather of European origin, which comes from surplus of the leather industry in a resource-saving manner. So there is only a small edition of each model - long live the individuality!

About the gloves:
LEATHER UPPER SIDE: robust lamb velor, charcoal
FUR SIDE: dense, soft fur, charcoal
(please follow the care instructions)

WOOL: 100% Peruvian highland wool
OUTSIDE: vibrant yellow
INSIDE: vibrant yellow

In terms of dimensions, the gloves correspond to size 8 (20.5 cm hand circumference) or M.
Our principle is to buy up surpluses from the textile industry. 
This is resource-saving but also rich in variety. 
Sometimes the fur is thick and long, sometimes a short teddy bear, sometimes silky soft and sometimes firmer - depending on what we find at our suppliers.
We have found that our medium size fits most women.
The super-precise fit is not as important for mittens, such as with gloves.
In general: the thicker and longer the fur, the smaller are the gloves.
The shorter and thinner the leather and fur, the larger appear the gloves.

The gloves can be impregnated with commercially available impregnation spray for suede before they are worn for the first time. 
Light stains can be treated with a suede eraser.
Colored leather occasionally tends to rub off. 
We therefore recommend avoiding contact with light-colored fabrics.

Colours and trim may vary slightly from photographs.
The price refers only to the gloves and does not include any accessoires.
If you have any questions please email us to