T-CLOTH mask checkered
T-CLOTH mask checkered
T-CLOTH mask checkered
T-CLOTH mask checkered
T-CLOTH mask checkered

T-CLOTH mask checkered

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The T-CLOTH masks are handmade by WORLDPEARLSLOVE in Germany.

They are made out of vintage and unique tablecloths found in special places all over the world, we call them world pearls. 

Every T-CLOTH mask is unique and a single piece.

You do need a mask when you’re not at home to protect the others and stay safe.

Important notice: These are face coverings, not official medical grade masks. No medical respirator is involved, no standard of protection is maintained and no certification has taken place. For hygiene reasons, the masks cannot be exchanged or returned!

The initial tablecloths have existed for many years. Please understand, that the original tablecloths may have small inclusions and slight imperfections in their material. These little particularities tell authentic stories about people, love and friendship.

About this T-CLOTH mask:
We love zero waste production. So extra fabrics excess were used for these T-CLOTH masks. 
We designed an unique T-CLOTH mask with a variety of different strap colours for you. The pattern is printed. This handmade single type T-CLOTH mask has an approximately size of 20x10 cm and has two 100 cm straps.
We recommend standard wash with 60°.
Colours and trim may vary slightly from photographs.
The price refers only to the T-CLOTH mask and does not include any accessoires.
If you have any questions please email us to